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In our previous blog post, we touched on the easiest countries to find a job and the available work permit options for non-EU citizens. In this post, we will dive into the available resources and useful links you need to simplify the job search process.


As stated last week, you need a company that is a registered sponsor to offer you a job in order to obtain the work permit. Here is a full list of all the companies that sponsor work visas and a detailed compilation of all the links to job search platforms.


Finding a job in Germany is almost the same principle as the Netherlands. This list contains links to find job offers that can help you apply for the skilled migrant program.


In the Czech there are specific sites to find a job as a foreigner who intends to relocate there. Here are some resources to facilitate your job search.


The most used platforms to find a job in Greece as a foreigner are listed Here. As explained in the previous post most positions are entry level and only require you to speak at least English or any other EU language.


Malta’s small size makes it impossible to satisfy high skills demands required in most industries, hence the need for foreigners. Here is a short list of important links to find a job.


To find jobs open to foreigners in Spain the most ideal sites are listed Here. Most sites are in Spanish so it’s advisable to use a browser that translates.

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