We Want the Youths to Know – 2018

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SME’s and young entrepreneurs in Nigeria face numerous challenges. African Youth is growing drastically and by 2030 Africa will have the largest percentage share of the youths in the world. Many amongst these African Youths, find themselves in one or two entrepreneurial endeavours like photography, tech , music, videography, fashion, makeup, sculpting , to mention a few.
Currently, in the world the rate of freelancing is increasing daily due to Globalisation, Industrialisation and the sharing Economy. The emerging SME’s and Young Entrepreneurs have a high rate of failure due to lack of guidance, lack of proper structure, financial literacy, and over dependence on Government. 
At #WeWantTheYouthsToKnow WE see this as a blessing.
We believe if every youth in Africa has access to education , the problems of Unemployment, Chaos, Immortality, Poverty shall be eradicated. 
To solve these Problems, we have put in place WEWANTTHEYOUTHSTOKNOW WEEK. A networking event that will hold for 3 days.
We intend to attract established firms and entrepreneurs like Ty Bello, Clarence Peters, Davido, Wizkid, Polly Alakija, FewModels, BethModels, Agbani Darego, Google, Haystack, Jumia and many more. They will be educating the youths, and teach them about business, by sharing their success stories:
  1. How they started
  2. Difficulties they faced
  3. how they overcame them
  4. how they’ve managed to remain on top
The youths would have an opportunity to network with established Entrepreneurs, intern and learn on how to do things better and faster so as o maximise profit and save costs.
In the long run, this will increase production and drive the growth of the African economy. The event would be FREE and we except over 2000 young creatives and over 1000 viewers online.   
Day1: Photography, Cinematography, FineArt
Day2: Fashion Designing, MakeUp, Modelling
Day3: Tech, Music.
During each day, speakers from each category will be given the opportunity to speak about their success stories, their mistakes and their business strategies, so as to motivate the youths and educate them o paths to follow or avoid.
After each talk, there would be a plenary session where young creatives would be able to express themselves by asking questions.
There will be a KAHOOT session:
At the end of each day, the audience would have a chance to win various items at the event and also at home

DAY 1 

1st Runner up : wins a Camera

2nd Runner up : wins a Reflector and Beauty Dish

3rd Runner up : wins an Art box

DAY 2 

1st Runner up : wins a Ring light

2nd Runner up : wins a Wacom Pad

3rd Runner up : wins a Make Up brush kit

DAY 3 

1st Runner up : wins a Laptop 

2nd Runner up : wins a Samsung Pad

3rd Runner up : wins a Smartphone

Networking would be done
Formally: after the event
In the evening at a bar or restaurant.
We believe that formal and informal networking are essential because this will stimulate interactions between youths from different fields. Some people prefer networking in large spaces while others prefer networking in smaller groups.
Our goals are:
Break new grounds for upcoming SME’s & Young entrepreneurs in their various industries 
Learn from the experiences of established organizations 
Bridging the gap between the established and upcoming 
Our Missions are:
Address the failure rate of SME’s in Africa;
Enlighten upcoming Startups on Branding , Financial literacy , Business loans & project sponsors  

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