Annual Business Conference & Exhibition

Spotlight Nigeria

The Spotlight Nigeria Conference and Exhibition is an annual event that offers a platform to private sector companies and investors from France and Nigeria to collaborate, exchange ideas, and partner together for mutual benefits. The event focuses annually on key sectors of the Nigerian economy and also attracts participation from the public and private sectors of Nigeria to meet with the counterpart from France and Europe at large.

The  B2B sessions at the event offer an excellent opportunity for participants and companies to juxtapose instincts and insights, share personal and corporate experiences,  build relevant business relationships, and make relevant decisions.  As a consequence,  the key performance indicators of the  Spotlight  Nigeria Conference and Exhibition are closely linked to the number of transactions and project deals that are discussed during the event and closed thereafter.


The Meetup

The Meetup is a series of networking events that holds regularly for FON members. Each event is tailored to the meet the specific needs of a particular membership group – either individuals or corporates – French companies who work in Nigeria or are interested in working in Nigeria or Nigerian companies and individuals who work in France et cetera.

This meeting serves chiefly for the purpose of knowledge sharing amongst members in a way that helps to advance their individual careers, businesses and projects.

This is usually coupled with lots of networking and the ultimate goal is to stimulate a value based peer to peer exchange and support system.