Social Media Manager

Blessing Okoro

Blessing has over three (3) years of professional experience having worked for Citibank, EY and PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) in Nigeria on various roles in relationship management, management consulting and audit. She is presently pursuing her MBA degree at IESEG Paris and is open to challenging opportunities in digital marketing and brand management.

Blessing Okoro is also an inspired writer, award winning speaker and thought provoking blogger who enjoys the soothing feel of words in form of quotes, poems, inspirational write-ups and Christian literature. She is the Author of the Book, “They Told Us To Dream”, a fast selling memoir providing practical tips for young people to achieve their dreams per time.

To live in Blessing’s world of inspiration, simply visit her website and follow her on her social media pages with the brand name, BlessingShares.